About Mina, Studio Director

Mina first discovered Pilates as a professional dancer in New York City in 1988.

Her dance career took her to Paris and eventually to London, all the while continuing to study Pilates, devoting her training to the original techniques and principles first created by Joseph Pilates.

Mina received her Pilates teaching diploma in 2000 at Pilates Off the Square, a London Pilates studio accredited with The Pilates Foundation. Throughout the years she has refined her approach to Pilates, focusing on anatomy and an evolving understanding of how the body moves.  She is known for her uncanny ability to read her clients’ bodies in order to create routines that are precisely fitted to the individual’s physical needs and lifestyles.  Mina has a keen eye and is known to be somewhat of an expert in recognising dysfunctional movement patterns- a real bonus if you are a sports enthusiast and want to up your game!

Her professional interest for rehabilitation has her working with clients who have lower back, neck and knee injuries, osteoporosis, and hypermobility issues. She also has gained a high reputation for teaching ante and postnatal clients.

Mina is committed to helping her clients access their greatest potential and enjoys sharing teachings that have enriched her own life.  She is actively keeping up to date with the latest developments and courses in Pilates– adding them to her range of teaching techniques where they fit with her methodology.

She also is a Reiki healer –this, as well as her extensive worldwide Pilates and dance training, has helped her to develop a unique and holistic approach to her teaching. Innovative Pilates.

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